Our Team

This online platform aims to educate women and their loved ones about preeclampsia and HELLP. This does not only create alertness about the consequences, but we especially want to make it clear that you yourself can make a difference by making simple changes to your lifestyle. Proper medical follow-up after a pregnancy with preeclampsia or HELLP is very important: that is what matters to us!


This platform was established by the team of the women’s cardiac centre, which is a small group of passionate University healthcare professionals who actively collaborate at the University Hospital of Antwerp (UZA). In combination with research at the University of Antwerp, they aim to share their knowledge about preeclampsia and its consequences – both in Belgium and far beyond.


Mannaerts Dominique

Mannaerts Dominique,
MD, PhD.

Gynaecologist specialized in high-risk pregnancies and cardiac disorders in pregnancy, UZA and UA.

Ellen Faes

Ellen Faes,
MD, PhD student.

Gynaecologist specialized in high-risk pregnancies and tropical medicine, UZA and UA.

Yves Jacquemyn

Yves Jacquemyn,
MD, PhD.

Head of department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics, UZA and UA.

Emeline Van Craenenbroeck,
MD, PhD.

Cardiologist specialized in heart failure, heart muscle disorders and genetics, UZA and UA.

An van Berendoncks

An Van Berendoncks,
MD, PhD.

Cardiologist specialized in monitoring of adults with congenital heart defects, heart conditions in pregnancy and echocardiography, UZA and UA.

Isabel Witvrouwen

Isabel Witvrouwen,
MD, PhD.

Cardiologist in training, interested in women-specific cardiovascular disease, heart failure, cardiac rehabilitation and sports cardiology, UZA and UA.

Would you like to participate in scientific studies on preeclampsia or HELLP?

This is an overview of the current studies at the University of Antwerp and the University Hospital of Antwerp.

What? A study on home blood pressure monitoring during pregnancy.

Who? Any women who are pregnant for the first time or women who have had blood pressure problems in a previous pregnancy or have been diagnosed with preeclampsia/HELLP syndrome.

What? Research into olive extract for the prevention of cardiovascular disease.

Who? Women and men with elevated blood pressure and/or elevated cholesterol levels.